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In nature, a chrysalis is a protected place for a caterpillar to transform safely into a butterfly.
Like our namesake, Chrysalis coaching will lend you the support and safe place you need to transform your team, yourself or your career.

You don’t have to do it all alone! With extensive experience of making a difference to individuals and companies through 1:1 coaching programmes, workshops and bespoke training, you will be in very safe hands.

Chrysalis is a small but perfectly formed professional coaching and training company.

Sandra Richardson, Life Coach

I am delighted to have been featured recently in the Women in Leadership section of The Guardian website.
 read the article, click here.

After our first sample session, I instantly knew that Sandra was the coach I had been searching for and I felt a special connection, like she knew me on a deeper level

Nathalie, Stockholm

Sandra Richardson

Sandra Richardson, founder of Chrysalis Coaching & Development

I’m passionate about helping people to grow and transform in both life and work. With Chrysalis, I do just that!

Since founding Chrysalis Coaching & Development in 2001, I’ve coached hundreds of people in boardrooms, front rooms and at retreats. When people get in touch with who they are at their best, their transformation is almost magical. It is always an honour to watch it unfold and be part of the process of making meaningful changes to my clients’ personal and professional lives.