Corporate Coaching

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Coaching your people makes a real difference to your company.

When you invest in your people through coaching, you empower them to perform at their best and be more motivated to achieve their business and developmental goals. This in turn has a positive impact on your working environment and will ultimately be reflected in an improved bottom line.

Corporate Coaching with Chrysalis combines unlocking human potential with getting results in your business, meaning that you’re happy, your staff are happy and your shareholders are happy.

Chrysalis Coaching & Development’s founder, Sandra Richardson, is a highly qualified and experienced coach with over 15 years’ substantial success working in and with the corporate sector. After being an HR coaching specialist for ICL/Fujitsu for a number of years, she founded Chrysalis and has been running workshops, trainings and executive coaching programmes for high end companies ever since. If your project requires a team of coaches, she will hand-pick highly skilled, experienced and trusted coaches to work with her, tailoring programmes and people to meet your exact requirements.

Chrysalis makes business transformation happen.

Executive coaching

From one staff member to a whole department, 1:1 executive coaching from Chrysalis is a powerful catalyst for change. We offer a 6 month programme, which starts by identifying each individual’s development goals in line with the objectives of the business. We then work together to achieve these goals, whilst also building the person’s inner resources and strengths. This empowering approach ensures the results of coaching last well beyond the last coaching session. Contact Chrysalis to start your transformation.

Team building workshops

If you want to get your team working effectively together towards a clear, common goal with individual accountability, a Chrysalis Team Building Workshop could be your answer.

Following an in-depth conversation with you to get clear on the challenges your team faces and the ideal outcomes of the workshop, Sandra will custom build a programme to meet your needs. Your experiential workshop will be facilitated by experienced and friendly workshop leaders, carefully selected from the Chrysalis team. Let’s talk.

Training and Coaching skills for Leaders

According to author Daniel Goleman in his seminal work on leadership, coaching is one of the most effective ways of motivating and empowering people over time. Training your leaders and managers in key coaching skills so that they can adopt more of a coaching style of leadership with their team members is a dynamic way to get great long-term results, as well as boosting morale.

As a senior course leader for CTI, the largest and most respected coach training organisation in the world, Sandra is highly experienced in training groups and organisations around the world in effective coaching skills.

If you would like your managers and leaders to learn coaching skills to enhance their leadership or you would like a Leadership training programme tailored to your company’s needs, contact Chrysalis today and we can design a programme for you.


“Sandra ran a short but powerful coach training programme for our leadership team that was both enjoyable and educational. I would highly recommend Sandra and Chrysalis for being great at bringing a training session to life and making these core people and relationship skills easily accessible to your team and business”

Kevin Uphill, Managing Director, Avondale

“I had an Executive Coaching Programme with Sandra through my organisation, which I found motivating and rewarding. Sandra’s focus and support of me as a person and her honest feedback and encouragement was invaluable in support of me achieving my professional goals. I would highly recommend her.”

Caroline, Tube Lines